Playing Favorites

Beloved has a favourite chair.  It’s where he sits to read for pleasure and for work.  It’s where he writes, edits and marks.  It’s where he watches tv and movies.  Sometimes it’s where he sleeps although he claims he is only resting his eyes! 😉😊

Recently Beloved has come to realize how much he adores this chair.  The four-footed members of our family have taken seeking refuge in the chair recently from the rolling thunder storms.  When trapped, scared or threatened these members of our family become all teeth and muscle.  They also develop suction cups on their paws, bellies and tails.  No amount of lifting, pulling or prying can get them out of the chair when they have deployed the suction cups.  Bribing and begging also do not work.  They will remain in the shelter of Beloved’s chair until they feel it is safe to leave it again.

These daily storms have not only hit the pets hard, for Beloved is suffering too.  Suffering the loss of his chair.  Suffering the discomforts and out of sorts that comes from being banished from his favourite chair. No other piece  of furniture has lived up to the chair’s comfort.  Some pieces are too hard, others too soft; some are too small and others too big.  He just wants his favourite chair, but not if it means sitting on the pets.  The pets with teeth.  The pets with teeth that they aren’t afraid to use.

the worst part of this whole nightmare, as Beloved puts it, is that we will be hard pressed to find another chair like the favourite one.  In his eyes if we could get a similar one, maybe the four-footed ones could be fooled.  Somehow I doubt it.  But if this is the thought that gets him through the torture of seeing others in his favourite chair then I will bite my tongue and wait for the thunder to stop rolling and instead have the sun to come out and play.


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