Are You Happy Now?

I decided I should take a test, just to get a more accurate idea of my authentic happiness.  Yes you read that right, my authentic happiness.  Because I could be faking happiness and fooling myself.  Actually what happened is a friend asked me to take the quiz as part of her research.  I figured why not.

According to the quiz I’m not a happy person.  I’m not even moderately happy.  Actually, according to the quiz, I don’t even know what happiness is.  When I shared my results with my friend she admitted she thought the quiz was flawed because she was only moderately happy.

But what is happy?  What do we use to define it?  My idea of happiness apparently means that to another I am very unhappy.  You see the quiz decided I couldn’t be happy if I didn’t have what it determined to be balance in my life.  The quiz also picked up that how I chose to relax is really not allowing myself to relax and thus denying myself of happiness.

My friend, who is the very picture of optimism and such discovered that she was only moderately happy because she didn’t carve out for herself in her day. The fact that being with others and helping others is her passion and she find great joy in it means she can only be moderately happy.  Her happiness, according to the quiz, is based on the reflection of others.

What makes you happy?  How happy are you?  Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your happiness?


2 thoughts on “Are You Happy Now?

  1. My family and being creative make me happy. My true source of happiness though is definitely my faith, the sort of joy that doesn’t fade when things get tough! x

    • Thank you for sharing the beautiful things that you find bring you and sustain your happiness!😊

      I find any time people try to quantify something as subjective as happiness they end up somehow missing the mark.

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