Stealing Away For Peace

A day trip, just myself and a good friend, stealing away for a few moments.  A day trip out to “connect with nature” as she put it.  (Provided nature doesn’t include biting or stinking insects or dreadful flies and horrible smells!)

We left early, long before the sun came up and headed west, where things are “younger” and full of “fresh energy”. We arrived before the town was full of people on vacation or escaping from their realities too.  We decided to just go where a whim took us and not worry too much about logic.  Time however couldn’t be forgotten because making the long drive back in the dead of night wasn’t in either of our planes.  It’s why we left early.

our path had us zigging and zagging from spot to spot.  Snapping pictures or simply enjoy the veil and the sounds of the rushing river as it went over some falls.  We  were careful and quiet so not to startle the herd of deer we encountered.  Either they were comfortable around people or we managed to not be detected by them for they didn’t run off.

A small fox shared a part of his meadow with us, he watching us with bright, curious eyes.  He didn’t venture close, but he also didn’t try to create more distance.  He just watched and let the breeze ruffle his beautiful read coat.

Later, when we were getting ready to head back through the town and on our way home, we spotted some birds that insisted we come and take their pictures.  Of curse we obliged, trying to hold the magic just a little longer.  It’s always nice to shed the weight and the worries of daily life for a few moments.  And we knew once we hit town and fuels up we would lose those moments to the fast pace of people needing to be everywhere all at once.

I admire the way some people can create this kind of peace for themselves without having to go anywhere physically.  The people who are able to centre or meditate where ever they are and reach into that magical peace have a gift that seems to elude my grasp. The minute I’m back to the rush of people my mind goes a thousand thoughts a minute for some reason.  Take me away from the rush of the people and vehicles and I can slow it down to a few hundred though a minute.  My friend says for her it slows down to an almost unnoticeable trickle when she gets out and away.  She wants to try a new way of meditating in the next few weeks, she figures even someone as distracted as I am should be able to gain some benefit from it so as we headed the last curve to home she proudly informed me she had signed us up for the first set of lessons.  She also informed me the money was non-refundable so if I don’t go she will still be out the money.  She may have learned her cunning way to get me to join her from the fox!


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