Hairy A Sterotype To Be Seen

I attended a lecture recently on campus with a well-known professor.  While the lecture itself was fascinating, I ended up getting distracted by his hair.  It occurred to me that there is a stereotype around certain professors having crazy, wild or uncombined hair.  Popular culture tends to portray some professors as absentminded when it comes to anything other than their area of expertise.

I’ve also known of professors to wear wild clothes, crazy or outlandish outfits.  Again they can distract the audience with their clothing.  Whether this is intentional or not I have no clue.

I asked Beloved if he was ever prone to indulging in these stereotypical behaviours.  He, of course, immediately denied doing any of this.  And then the photo albums came out.  The ones from when he was very active in the lecture halls.  And surprise surprise, there was that one weird quirk.  An addiction to loud, wild ties that are so insane they don’t go with anything and thus work with everything.

For me it’s crazy glasses bought and worn only while lecturing.  Glasses that I don’t wear when I’m at home or just running errands or such.  Nope I have lecture glasses and some are serious or nerdy looking and others are frankly just a bit on the wild side.

So is this a quirk of the profession?  What do you think?  What about yourself or people you know?



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