Opportunity To Learn, Opportunity To Share

My energy needs balancing.  My chakras are not aligned and apparently my third-eye is closed, completely.  Not worry though, this can be fixed I’ve been assured.  I just need to work at it and make it first and foremost.  I need to put me first so to speak.

Oh and one more wee thing, I need to believe in it all.  I want to understand these enemy lines or meridians.  I don’t, not right now, but I’m hoping someone can explain it to me.  I’ve no clue how I’d know if my third eye was open because I suspect it’s always been closed.  I wonder what life will be like with it open.  What more will I “see”?

More important than having this stuff all work, is understanding it.  Understanding the theory and principles behind this.  Why?  Because if I understand it I’m sure it opens up a whole other avenue of exploration, awareness and learning.  And that excites me and energizes me.

So if someone can explain this all to me in simple terms I’d really appreciate it.  I’d also appreciate people sharing with me because we all have so much to offer and learn from each other.


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