Wholly Unrelaxing

I’m hoping someone can explain me to how golf is supposed to be relaxing because it’s anything but that for me.

Walking can be relaxing so I can see how that part of the game could be relaxing.  But it’s interrupted with hitting a little white ball.  The ball itself is okay.  It’s the hitting of it.  Rather the hitting of it into a small hole in the ground.

I don’t find hitting to be relaxing.  Especially when I’m expected to be able to direct the ball when I hit it.  Maybe if the ball went where it should instead of mocking me by staying put while huge divots are set free, maybe then it would be relaxing.

But then I’d still have to get the ball into the hole too, in the fewest number of strokes.  That again isn’t the most relaxing of tasks.

sure golf tends to take lace in the great outdoors.  Sure you may hear bird song, but you are liable to be eaten alive by mosquitoes too.

And there is the price of this game.  You pay good, hard-earned cash to become frustrated hitting a little ball around.  I don’t see how this is relaxing.  So I’m hoping someone can explain it to me.


6 thoughts on “Wholly Unrelaxing

  1. I have always inverted the stated goal of golf, and celebrated the most strokes. On top of that, I enjoy seeing parts of the course that only the designer knows about. I get my money’s worth out of a round of golf!

  2. No no no, golf is only relaxing for the people watching it, at home, on tv, where they can rapidly fall asleep due to its sleep inducing qualities.

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