Gratitude Gracefully Sharing

If I had my way, I’d adopt all the animals that needed adopting.  But that’s not remotely realistic.  It doesn’t stop me, however, from finding forever homes for the dogs and cats that shelters struggle to place.

most of these animals are either senior citizens or have health/behavior issues that require a little more time, effort and money.  But they aren’t throw-aways.  Not by a long shot.

When I came home with Piper, Beloved didn’t say a word.  He simply got some soft blankets, a brand new toy and some pillows.  Piper is an elderly parson’s terrier who has bounced from place to place once she reached ten years old.  Piper also happens to be blind.

The shelter had phoned and asked if we had a place for Piper or knew of anyone who could take her in.  If not they’d have to put her down.  So I left to get her without checking how Beloved felt about another addition to the family.  I was banking on his big heart, which seems to grow larger by the moment.  He didn’t let me down.

How people can discard a living animal simply because s/he has gotten old or needs some additional help I will not understand.  humans sometimes suck, big time.  I figure it’s our superiority complex or what have you.  Really it’s just ignorance and stupidity.  What makes someone think taking in an animal, offering it food and shelter for a number of years and then just leaving it, is okay?

Thankfully Beloved feels the same way I do and so he doesn’t hesitate when I bring in an animal even if just until I get it into a forever home.  While we don’t typically take in people. We will find services, housing and such for them.  We also have taken to visiting people who otherwise might not have visitors.  Beloved used to do this, in a previous life so to speak.  The first time he took me it seemed a bit strange, but now I enjoy it.  It gives me a chance to hear some amazing stories, met some amazing people and try to make the world a little brighter even if just for a few moments.

Some of the pets we have rescued have ended up in senior centres were they have taken a shine to the residents and the residents have taken a shine to them.  It’s these moments that bring me the most joy, make me feel like maybe more people are decent and only a few suck.  I want to believe this because heaven knows we have enough proof  of how people suck.

Let’s take the time to honour and enjoy the goodness in people.  The silent heroes who just go about doing their thing and don’t expect a story, glory or money for what they do.  If you have examples, let’s share and make a huge gratitude project reality. 😊

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