Prone To Puddle

There is a puddle on the chair next to me.  The chair that’s more in the shade.  The chair I chose to sit in, but then went into the house to get cool water for the dog.  When I came back my chair wasn’t available.

A slightly wilted human was in my chair declaring it was too hot to do much.  So the limp human had taken my chair, the one in the shade and was sitting trying to read a book.  What appeared to be a rather limp paperback to be exact.

Minute by minute by the wilting got a bit more severe until there was just a puddle of a person.  An immovable puddle.  One that barely responds, not even to the dog coming over to investigate.

It’s  strange how the heat affects different people differently.  I hadn’t really thought it was all that hot out, certainly not to the point of wilting.  Not yet.  But I need the shade because sun seems to feed lupus and give it more strength.  I don’t need lupus to gain strength, frankly a weakening would be welcome relief.

Of course when the hot part of the day kicks in, the dog and I will head into the house and cool off as needed.  As for the puddle, well since the puddle cannot move now I suspect that once the heat kicks in the puddle will simply disappear.

It does make me wonder how people long ago dealt with the heat.  Did the puddling prone people just not go where it was hot?  Did they evaporate?  How did the other people manage the heat pre-air conditioning days?  Pre-electrical fan and ice house days.  I’m talking the days when summer and heat just hang heavy and smother everything in their blanket of stifling air?  When people mostly worked out on their land, farming and what have you.  How did people manage?

How would the puddle beside me even hope to cope back then when now there are fans and air conditioning to revive the puddle to become a wilted person and then back to whole again?




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