Party Performance

Oliver is hanging on the arm of my comfortable chair.  Rufus is passed out on the floor.  Lucy is balled up in a corner and Bonnie is nowhere to be found.  Sounds like a wild party right?

It was, just not in the way you were thinking.  Yes there was some serious dancing, well body slamming at any rate.  Loud tunes?  Yep.  Food?  Sure.  But then the dog always eats food off the floor.  As for the body slamming, well that was him shaking and bounding around with his toys.

Bonnie is his tiny bunny and she easily gets lost because her squeaker stopped squeaking.  Lucy is a lamb with long dangling legs, floppy ears and a noisy tail.  Rufus is the dog’s first toy, the one who kept him company during those strange nights in a strange new house.  He and Rufus are almost inseparable and we’ve learned that he treats Rufus differently.  Rufus is treated with kindness and gentleness so he just kind of hung out while the party was going on.

Oliver is a bit of a wild child.  He’s an opossum who loves to fly, hang and get into all kinds of mischief provided dog is around.  Dog loves how Oliver is ready for anything almost as much as he loves the loud squeaky toys  in Oliver.

I’ve learned that after a wild party it’s best to just let the pooped party participants stay where they are.  If I attempt to tidy up before the dog is ready for that to happen he will drag his friends back out of the toy box.  And then he will make a huge mess with toys everywhere in the house.  Frankly that’s a small price to pay for a happy dog who loves me unconditionally.


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