Lessons in Drifts

I put my boat into the water, grabbed my paddle and headed off to wherever the current decided to take me.  So far it’s taken me to many places, places I never thought I’d go to.  It also afforded me the opportunity to meet new people, to learn new things and discover more about myself.

Has my journey  to date changed me?  Of course it has.  I’m not the same person I was five years ago, two years ago or even a few months ago.  Priorities change, focus shifts and at times it can be frustrating as heck for me and others in my life.  But at other times it is a huge blessing.

Do I regret any of it?  I wouldn’t call it regret, but sure there are things I miss, from my life that once was there.  But when you chose to go on a journey like this, when you allow the current to alter your course of travel you have to be open to these changes.

I’ve left behind people who I hold dear in my heart.  Some of them I’m not even in touch with anymore, but that doesn’t alter how I hold them in my heart.  i realize I have changed, so have they and sometimes if our paths were to cross again it would be very different.

I’ve left behind placed that I hold near to my heart, places I’ve dreamed of and thought would always be home.  I don’t regret moving on from those places either because it has always brought me some place new to explore.  Each new place has taught me something about myself, and shown me how other people live.  It’s also shown me how to enjoy what there is in each place.

Most of all, my journey has taught me to enjoy the simple things, trust in myself and be okay with being on my own.  You can’t take everyone with you, you probably don’t even want to do that anyway.  But it’s nice to enjoy them while they are present with you and then carry them in your heart as you need.  And I can’t wait until Beloved and I find another current take us somewhere, to something else.



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