Lost Lessons

When I was a young child one of the lessons I remember being taught, one that was “very important” mind you, was about how I won’t always like everyone I meet, but I still need to be able to get along with them.

this was a lesson countless people were taught and had reinforced while in school.  So I’m not sure what happened, or when it happened.  I’ve tried to out my finger on it, but it slips off into a hazy blur and I’ve no answer for it.  What the heck happened?

How did we get to the place where it’s okay, acceptable even, to resort to lethal violence against those people we don’t get along with?  When did we stop seeing people as people and instead just objects that can be removed if they cause us issues?

What gives us the right to end another’s life and at the same time destroy the lives of those left behind?  I understand that when we fear something we demonize it.  Once we can demonize something we justify, to ourselves at least, certain actions.  I just don’t understand how we go from deciding we don’t get along with a person or people to taking their lives as a means of getting our voices heard.

Perhaps as adults we all need to revisit the lesson of getting along.  If not perhaps our weapons/toys should be taken away until we can learn to behave.  Maybe we just have seen enough innocent people killed yet simply because another person didn’t like something about those s/he killed.  Maybe there is some magic number that turns it all around…we just have to wait until we reach that number.

Maybe once we reach that point ever life will matter again.  Maybe then we will be able to agree to disagree without violence.  But I’m not holding my breath.


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