Tripping Towards Knowledge

A cup of tea, that’s what he held as he bid me to sit down on a cushion.  In the market he had offered to show me the doorway to knowledge.  Now, in a small house, he offered me a colourful, plump cushion and a muddy looking cup of tea.  Judging from the decor, I wouldn’t have been surprised to find a magic lamp and flying carpet tucked lovingly away somewhere.

This tea, I knew, would be all the magic I’d need.  In theory the genie that would be set free was from my inner self instead of a lamp.  My soul, or was it my mind, would be the only thing going off on a magic carpet ride.  My body would remain firmly anchored on the cushion.  At least that was how I understood it before I took my first sip of the tea.

After two cups of the most foul-tasting brew I’ve ever had, it was very evident that my carpet was like a bucking mule in the most turbulent of air.  It was as if I was handed a magic carpet with no lessons or instructions provided.  And like my typical cocky self, I just jumped on and took off.  And of course the carpet has no steering mechanism nor does it have safety belts.

How long and far I travelled I couldn’t tell you.  I couldn’t even say where I traveled to or whom I interacted with.  All I know was Disney has no ride at all like this, and it’s probably a good thing.  For this trip had horror, paranormal and I’m not sure what all else in it.  I do recall a laughing head that seemed highly amused that I sought knowledge.

A large bat that kept its head tucked in its wings told me that knowledge might hold the key to some things, but it would also destroy some things at I held important.  The bat cautioned me to scan my heart as well as my ego before seeking certain pieces of information because once something was displayed, it couldn’t be taken back.

The journey ended long before I gained any information from the beings I encountered or the places I visited.  And it’s just as well because I was exhausted and unsure of what had happened.

the man who offered me the tea told me we had travelled the first road and onto the path of enlightenment.  If I came again in a few days I could venture further into knowledge.  But he felt the need to caution me.  He told me I should spend the next few days asking myself what I wanted out of life as well as what I was willing to give up.  He told me the tea would take everything I held dear in exchange for the answers I sought.

I didn’t return, although I wanted to.  I became too ill to carry on and headed back home.  I’ve always wondered if the magic carpet and my inner genie would welcome me back.  I’ve also wondered if the tea had been made to taste better!


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