What’s In A Date? My Issue With August 26

I have an issue with August 26th.  Not the number itself.  I’m not against the number 26, nor am I against the month of August.  It’s just that combination right now that is giving me fits.  And not little fits, equal fits to be honest.

Why?  Because August 26th is apparently Women’s Equality Day.  That gave me the shivers just to write it.  Equality is such a simple word and yet it seems to be so complex.  To me having a day that promotes women’s equality we are missing the point.  The point is equality without qualifiers, quantifies or labels.  Just equal.

I guess I wonder why we don’t have Men’s Equality day as well.

Sure ladies we have come a long way on this, getting rights and counting.  I’m thrilled with this.  I love this!  But not all fields are ones that we have to conquer because in some cases we more than conquered, we basically owned the field.  What about those areas where men are the minority?  What about those men who bravely waded into the nursing field when it was primarily held by women?  Do we honour them too, or do we say once upon a time this belonged to men and it was a field where women could get into it so that’s why it become unbalanced in women’s favour?

Maybe it’s just me because I have a thing against labels.  Maybe that’s why I have an issue with August 26th. Because I have an issue with labels, being defined by a label rather than my abilities or skills.

I want to make it very clear, I am completely for the strides we have made as women, we have many more to go,  but I beg and beseech of us to consider that there is more to consider.  Let us just consider equality as it is…equal.  Let us ensure each human is treated as an individual, provided equality opportunities and rights.  Let us embrace the diversity of skills and abilities we all bring and let us find a way to harness this all into a huge puddle of equality.  Now which day is that to fall on you may ask?  Let me suggest it should be every day!


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