Playing with Words, Sort Of

Now and then I like to see what else is out there as far as careers go.  Okay, so I’ve never really figured out what I want to do when I grow up.  Okay so I’ve never really grown up! 😉

This time, as I was looking into what my next career could be, perhaps, Beloved made the announcement that he wanted to own a winery.  The man had actually looked into small wineries available for sale.  He found one that caught his fancy.  The only problem is his fancy has expensive tastes. 😐

The other problem is that he has no clue about making wine.  Drinking wine?  Yes, well versed in that.  But making it?  Not a chance.  Granted the winery comes with the staff, provided they want to stay and I had already agreed to the quality control job because well why not! 😉

Oh how he watched that winery!  He talked to he bank to see about what would be involved with getting a loan.  He went and looked at the winery and he started to get things in place.  He was going to buy the winery. 😮  (A wee side note here, he didn’t let me know this little bit at the time he was doing it.)

Alas someone got their stuff together faster and bought the winery leaving Beloved to have a whinery 😉 for no charge.   The reality is we weren’t in a  position to buy a winery and take the time to learn about making wine and such.  We are, however, great at whining for a moment or two when what we think we want is gone! 😊

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a winery in our future, it just isn’t right now.  And it may be that a bunch of bookworms such as ourselves are really better at just visiting them.  Because that may be what we really want, we just don’t know it!


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