Just Some Ink

He decided it was time to get new ink.  His old ink was fading and those crisp clean lines has been blurred.  The symbol was no longer easy to make out so it was time to endure it all again.

He happily informed me what he was getting this time.  A shark, he said with glee.  One with great big teeth.  Sharks after all represent strength, bravery and a whole host of other things.  Besides he had just the spot for it, right there on his bicep.

So with a hop and a skip, and holding hands we headed off to get new ink.  Okay so he’s four and the new ink happens to be a temporary tattoo.  And how fine the shark is a cartoon one, cute not scary, but for him it’s a tattoo, a real tattoo.

So the Mickey Mouse and shark he gets at four won’t last well into adulthood.  He won’t have to regret these tattoos or have them altered to be something else.  I often wonder if it wouldn’t be wiser for all of us to get temporary tattoos, try out the image first before fully committing to it.

Sure that might take away from the spontaneity if it all, but when it comes to permanent marks sometimes proudly displayed in our youth, it might be best to really consider the full effect before committing to it.  Then again who does that in heat of the moment?

Instead we get fresh ink for sorts of reason and don’t consider how it might look as it fades or changes shape as we age.  It is a badge of honour, a statement of our individuality or a way of saying we belong to a particular group.  Those aren’t things that demand you consider a future of the tattoo.  Besides your tattoo, now looking a hair less than its crisp young self will be part of a growing trend.

As for me, I think I will just join my young friend and get a nice shark for my new ink.  Just a little something right here, that lasts just until I’m ready to say goodbye to it.  I mean I can a,ways go and buy another one and put it on myself without any fuss or pain!


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