All In A Name, Sort Of

She walked with deliberate care, cradling the small body against her.  When she made it to where I was sitting she carefully lifted the brown puppy away from herself so I could see him.  His paws were still pink, his nose had some pink to it the way young puppies have.

She smiled, giggled and then got control of herself as the puppy wriggled from her into my lap.  “That is Sir Poops-A-Lot!” She exclaimed before explaining she got to name the puppies.  Thankfully the puppy wasn’t interested in living up to his name, just resting on my lap while I gently stroked him.

She ran off and made the same deliberate walk back with another squirming puppy.  This one not as dark in color.  As she held the puppy out she announced that this was “Princess Pees-A-Lot”.  Again the puppy was deposited in my lap, evidently the brother didn’t mind sharing the space with his sister.  Two puppies to pet is just lovely I thought as she ran away again.

She returned with two brown dogs.  “This is the mama, we call her Mrs Stinks-A-Lot and this is the daddy, Mr Eats-A-Lot.  There last name is A-Lot!”

I wonder what the dogs get called out in public because I can’t fathom calling Mrs Stinks-A-Lot in a park.  I mean imagine the stares you’d get.  But I guess if you let a child name an animal or a person you will get the child’s honest view of things.

What if these puppies fail to live up to their names?  Evidently they felt no desire to do anything other than sleep as I stroked them.  Frankly I was thankful that neither felt the need to fulfil their names while they were on me, but they are puppies.

It made me think what is in a name in the end.  How did people know what to call you when you came into their lives as an infant?  An infant that kind of looks like a lot of other infants.  What makes a person a Tommy or A Billy?  What if you give the infant the wrong name?  Is that even possible?  Is this why some cultures have rules about naming children?


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