Life Tastes…

The house has become a bit of a restaurant with all the different food that has been cooked recently with hopes of tempting my taste buds.  Between sickness and major changes in my medications it seems my taste buds rain away with the dish and the spoon!  😉😐

Nothing seems to taste good or tempting to me.  Not new flavours or old favorites.  A friend went to Starbucks, which typically is my lifeblood, and came back with my favorite drink.  Devastatingly not even this, a drink I’ve walked through sweltering heat just to taste in the past, seemed right.  Not to be deterred, she ran back to Starbucks for more drinks I like.  Again no go.  What has happened to the wonderful elixir that is known as Starbucks beverages?!

Thai food, Vietnamese, Italian, American, French, BBQ and fruit have all been crafted and created just in hope of finding something that would tempt me.  Sadly this endeavour has turned out exactly like the Starbucks experiment.

Now on one hand this stands to help keep pounds off, but on the other hand it makes for a rather bland life.  Beloved and I both enjoy trying new flavours, but if everything tastes the same…that’s kind of gone for me.  Far worse is that I really have no desire to eat.

Oh I do eat, out of necessity, but only  little bits be a use of how things taste and because I simply have no interest.  I’ve been assured this is temporary and in time my appetite and taste shall return.  Granted it isn’t really the end of the world if things stay the same, I just need to ensure I get enough nutrients in my system.  And it does make the whole what to make decision rather easy, it simply doesn’t matter much!

One thought on “Life Tastes…

  1. Oh, poor your, I hope you soon get your taste back. Hubby has a bit of taste over the past few weeks, over the past few years hw has only had the the occasional day of taste and smell so it it like a new world to him! Just not so good when you already need to lose weight 😉 x

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