The Joys Of Getting The Upper Hand With Lupus

I have a strong dislike for summer colds.  Truthfully I’m not supposed to get one.  Not because there is a law out there that has proclaimed this, but because on theory my over-active immune system should kill ever foreign thing immediately.  But of course we don’t want my body to totally destroy itself so we take meds to knock back the immune system.

And knock it back we did.  To the point of the summer has been chasing one cold away after another.   I’m tired folks.  Bone weary, muscle fatigued exhausted to be honest.  And I’m frustrated as heck too.  We finally get lupus somewhat under control only to be continually sick.

Dont misunderstand, I get that compared to what other’s face this isn’t much.  And I’m truly grateful if this is the extent of my woes.  I just feel like I can’t  even stop to take a breath before I’m getting hammered down again.  It gets old fast.  And draining.

Well okay energy draining because I just caught a good look my feet and I can assure you there is no draining happening there.  Instead we are retaining, because well the kidneys don’t like me being sick.  Of course the kidneys really just want a break, a nice long vacation with no nothing.  But sick with a cold or struggling with lupus seems to be my only choices.  Not sure which is the better of the two these days.

So while the world economy seems to struggle and limp along rest assured my friends, if you have stock in Kleenex and other facial tissue, I will be our chasing (heck I probably already did) huge amounts.  The kind that make the revenue go up.  The kind that make stockholders sing with joy.

If you are looking for me, I am the squashed little heap of human being, the one impersonating Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  Mine almost glows and heavens I swish it would stop flowing!



2 thoughts on “The Joys Of Getting The Upper Hand With Lupus

  1. Do hope you are soon feeling much better. Hugs xx

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