Natural State

When people talk about going on a vacation to see a country or experience nature as it is, I always wonder what people are really looking for.  In order to really see a country, to experience the cultural of the place, you need to get out of the cities and out into the rural areas.  This is where folklore a and tradition seem to hold strong.

When people talk about going on a trip to experience nature they fail to mention that it includes weapons to protect themselves and items for their comfort.  If you really want to experience nature why bother with the tent?  What’s wrong with the cold, the wind and the rain?  Aren’t they part of nature?

a family friend recently announced she was going on a trip that included getting in the water with sharks.  To “see them as they are”.  So of course this requires special gear, but she said there will be no cage for protection.  Instead it will be a bait box on the ocean floor where they can watch people feed the Sharks and see them swarm around.  Because people feeding sharks is natural.  Well I guess in a way it is, if a shark mistakes a person as another food source and decides to consume said person.

the thing is, most people would rather not experience a country or a culture in all its strengths.  We want it tamed s bit, have a few familiar and comfortable items such as food.  It’s the same as when people want to experience nature, we want to see it and touch it, but on our terms.  We Human’s are funny that way aren’t we?

We will manicure grass, hedges, trees and what have you and then state that we enjoy being out in nature. We love animals, we want them to be themselves, but we need to train them least they show their more natural state.  And let’s face it, we aren’t in our natural state either…you know as natural! 😳  Not that I’m complaining on that front, not at all!


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