Strong, Silent and … soft?

He is the strong yet silent type.  Oh he knows that deep down, inside, he’s soft.  But his exterior says he is all macho.  Well except for his lips.  They are a bit too red and readily curved into a smile.  But other than that, he’s tough.

Or he was, but then he got a bit knocked around in life.  He’s been known to drag limply into the door.  He also flops down just about anywhere.  I’m sure the hard shake ups of life have left him feeling tired and floppy.  Who wouldn’t be a little worn down like Ferdinand Froggybottom if they lived his life?

Then again when he first came into the house he was floppy, with red lips in a curved smile.  It’s just now that he has a few holes and his soft body is more droopy than before?  But honestly he is still loved.  The dog loves to get ahold of him and shake him all about.  And since Ferdinand doesn’t have a squeaky in him, loving is nice and quiet!

He Ferdinand has become an aerial acrobat with the stuff he does with the dog.  Or rather the stuff does to him.  At this point the stuffed frog is probably just along for the ride.  Because let’s face it, the ride is better than being stuck in a mouth with full of sharp teeth, stinky breath and sticky drool?  Heck if it was me I’d probably have lost my smile ages ago.  I’d hope I was stuck under a piece of furniture. 😊

But let’s face it, live isn’t always roses and puppies and warm gentleness.  Love can hurt, it not because someone is trying to hurt you.  It’s just that when you love someone and they love you there is a lot of vulnerability which can lead to hurt.

Of course if you are our dog, sometimes the way you show love to your stuffed toys is to throw them around or puncture them with your teeth as you seek the squeaky sound maker!



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