They Just Know, How I don’t Know

They say animals know.  They can tell things we aren’t even aware of.  I can attest to the fact that the dog knows when one of us is feeling unwell or is hurt.  Before you are even aware of how sick you are, the dog has decided to set up camp near you.  You can count n the dog being right on your heels and he is more than willing to herd you to where he thinks you need to be.

Before Beloved realized his nagging headache was going to become a migraine, the dog knew it.  The dog had decided the best place for Beloved was to be resting, in the family room.

The dog got ahold of a blanket and started to pull it to the family room while trying to push Beloved in the same direction.  He dropped the blanket at the foot of the sofa and tried to nudge Beloved down onto the sofa.  Beloved ignored this advice and instead decided to head out for a short walk, thinking it would help with the headache.

The dog decided it was best to go with Beloved and keep trying to turn the walk homeward at every opportunity.  I’m not sure how exactly it happened, but the dog got his way and Beloved came home and collapsed in a heap near the blanket dog had brought in earlier.  The two of them settled down to silence and darkness, the dog refusing to leave Beloved unless necessary.

I managed to get the dog out for a walk and such, only to have him return to Beloved’s side each time.  But the minute the migraine was gone, the dog left Beloved’s side.

The dog has done the same thing when I have been unwell.  We tend to use him as a monitor these days.  If he starts acting a certain way we know that our health isn’t where it should be.  Of course we also use him as a best friend, confident and teacher of unconditional love.  Hopefully we can give him as much as he gives to us.


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