Delicious Bonds

It’s National Cheesecake day, which for some people is magic in their mouth.  We cheesecake is, not sure about the day.  I’m jot among those people on account of the fact that I don’t get cheesecake.

I understand cheese.  I’m pretty sure I’m part mouse given my love affair with cheese.  I mean who doesn’t love cheese?  It comes  in so many varieties, flavours, smells, textures and colors.  There is something for just about anyone when it comes to cheese.

I also understand cake.  Oh my do I ever understand cake!  Cake and I have a torrid love affair, passion until we must part due to the cake being all consumed.  Most people I know love s good slice of cake now and then.  I mean hello!  It’s cake.  Need to celebrate?  Get a cake.  Need to commiserate?  Get a cake.  Have nothing to celebrate other than you being your awesome self?  Get a cake.  (I see a theme happening here!)  And again so many options when it comes to cake.  So many flavours, textures, sizes, and on and on we go.  Heck with cake you can have it naked or enrobed in rich frosting/ganache etc.  Did I mention I understand cake?  😉

But I don’t understand cheesecake.  To me cheesecake is a bit like when your mama tries to hide good for you food like vegetables in something you enjoy.  It just never turns out completely right.  You always sense there is something just a bit  different, just a bit sneaky about that stuff.  That’s cheesecake in my world.

I have also been informed that today is national friend day.  I guess the idea is that you and your friend can enjoy some cheesecake together.  I guess people bond over and enjoy sharing cheesecake.  Just not my thing. I’m blessed though in that I have friends who don’t like cheesecake either.  So we bond over that.😊

Of course I have friends who love cheesecake too (see I like all sorts of people!😊) and we have an understanding that they can take advantage of my dislike of cheesecake by wetting my share of it.  See?  I’m nice that way!

The thing is, you can bond with people over a favorited food, such as cheesecake.  You can bond over a shared aversion to food, such as cheesecake.  Or you can have people in your life who like things you don’t like.  It’s a way of opening yourself up to new experiences.

And although I don’t understand cheesecake, I still try it now and then.  Just because people all have different ways of serving it.  And I don’t always understand my friends either, but that’s okay too.  We all have different ways of seeing things and experiencing things.  It’s what makes the world so awesome, a nice spice to our lives!


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