Sounds, Breaking Hearts and Monsters

What noise does a breaking heart make?  Does it sound like glass shattering?  Is it the soft sound of ice cracking?  Is it a loud thud? Perhaps it’s a huge boom.

It isn’t that I haven’t had a broken heart before, heartache and I are acquainted more than I had ever though possible.  But when you are the one going through the pain, you can’t really hear it.  Not over the tears, the despair and the reassurances that everything will be okay.  So when I ask the question, I’m doing so out of curiosity.  Well that and because I need to be prepared.

I’m not expecting my heart to break, not for me at any rate.  But I just found out that they may have figured out what the Lochness monster is and if it is true Beloved will be crushed.  His heart will break and I’m not sure there is enough glue or putty to hold it all together!

There is something magical and wild about a myth or story and a creature like Nessie. Frankly finding her, sorting out the science and ignoring the stories seems wrong.  It seems like the world grows a little dark, a little less colourful.

For Beloved though it won’t just be the loss of some magic, it will be the loss of a dream.  I think for him the it single thrill of the chase, the seeking out of a great mystery.  Frankly if he caught Nessie I’m not sure it would be the culmination of all his dreams coming true, I think it would be anticlimactic.

We all need some mystery out in the world, a monster that isn’t evil or horrible.  We just need a little magic and a little something beyond what our eyes can make out.  Some curiosity and mystery to balance things out and leave us guessing.

What I don’t need is more breaking hearts, but since we live and love, I suspect that I won’t be able to avoid that.  So I’d like to be prepared as to what a breaking heart sounds like, just in case is Nessie thing turns out to be scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Not for me, but for Beloved.


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