A Bright Rainbow

Rainbows and bugs...the good kind

Rainbows and bugs…the good kind

sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the darkness of serious chronic illnesses.  Some days it’s a long, dark tunnel that doesn’t seem to end.  Sometimes it’s like stumbling blindly down a rocky and twisted path.

I confess that there are times I find myself stuck in this darkness, lost in the rumblings of the storm clouds that are lupus.  Now and then I need a little something to grab me and pull me out of that place.

Beloved has a large bag of tricks to pull from, but after this last round of less than appealing news, he decided to provide me with a rainbow .  A bright rainbow.  And some cheerful ladybugs.  All wrapped up in a heavenly scent.

So I thought I’d share it and help spread the cheerful colors and happy ladybugs.  Oh yes and butterflies because why not?  So take that lupus!

And the best way to enjoy a rainbow is to share, so enjoy!


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