My father once told me that every single person on the face of earth has a limit, a limit to what is tolerable and what is not.  He said it was important to understand this, and understand that it’s different for each one of us, so that we can act accordingly.

What my father never told me is that some things have a different rule to them, that is they are intolerable end of story.  There is nothing more to it.  Just the thought of the abhorrent things makes me shudder.  And the thing is, for each of us it is a little different.

Pperhaps my father should have also told me that each circumstance alters how far that limit can be moved or held fast.  My father never told me that because I loved someone, I would make excuses and rationalize for something that is wrong.

My family has never been  one that tolerates violence and yet I justified it repeatedly, when I wasn’t covering up or trying to find a plausible reason for a black eye or such.  Black eyes, deep bruises however were not my limit.  Broken fingers and toes?  Not my limit either.

But I reached my limit and I fought back.  And I have my limit on silence too and friends I’ve more than reached my limit in silence years ago.  And thanks to support and caring from Beloved I won’t be silenced.

You see friends, I cannot sit back in silence or have a far off limit when it comes to abuse.  Not for women, children, men or animals.  Just cannot do it.  I guess daddy was right about people all having limits, but is having a no tolerance level a limit?

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