Storms and Dogs

A terrific storm rolled through during the night.  It wasn’t so much the fantastic light display that nature put on.  Nor did it have anything to do with the accompanying sound track.  Although I both saw the light display and heard the sound track.  But they were secondary to the sounds and sights in my own bedroom.😐

The dog had sensed the storm for a period of time, long before it actually came in.  Gradually he was getting more and more worked up.  By the time the thunder was steady the dog had emptied the contents of his stomach all over my carpet.

It was my fault, that the carpet got puked on.  I was, after all, the one who wanted a carpet in the bedroom.  And I was the one who chose the light color of said carpet.  Granted when I made those choices I didn’t know about the dog coming into my life.  Nor had I considered that some family members like to turn their stomach inside out, so to speak.

I used to love good strong storms.  I felt energized by the wild violence of these storms.  Now, with the dog, I dread them.  I dread them for the dog’s sake because they take so much out of him.  I dread them because I know it will be hours or panic for the dog followed by exhaustion.  And of course I, not a fan of the whole vomit thing.

The more phenomenal the storm, the more worked up the dog gets and the worst the droll puddle and vomit also gets.  And there is nothing more I can do other than clean the mess, try to provide comfort and hope the storm goes away soon.

Sure the special jacket the dog has helps, but what would really help is of the storms didn’t affect him that way.  Then we’d both get rest and not have to clean up any mess!  The carpet can be replaced, and yes I chose it, but it can be replaced.  The dog on the other hand has some how managed to  wiggle and squirm his way right into my heart!  And I wouldn’t change it for anything!


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