What Does It Look Like

What does lupus look like?  What does a person who has lupus look like?  Could you identify a lupus survivor?

Eye patches, artificial limbs, or other easily sighted signs aren’t the norm with lupus.  We aren’t required to wear special outfits, signs or other indicators of our illness.

Most lupus survivors try to live normal lives.  They work hard to be normal, which is exhausting work.  Most just want to get on with living and enjoy the good moments.

Telling us we don’t look like we have lupus is not only hurtful, it’s disrespectful.  It hurts because often times lupus takes a long time to get diagnosed and in between that time you may hear that “it’s in your mind” or that you are making it up.  And this is from those medical people you’ve sought assistance from.  There is a huge relief once you get a offical diagnose and the medical world starts to treat you.  There is hope.

It’s disrespectful because most people who say this have no medical training and come from a place of ignorance with this statement.  It is an utter lack of respect for the diagnosis as well as treatment and the person who owns that.

Perhaps if these people could tell me home I’m supposed to look I could make that my priority.  That way maybe, just maybe, people would get it.

So what does lupus or any other invisible illness look like?


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