Dipping and Licking In Nature

Nature is full of amazing things that could kill you without too much exertion.  Amazing adaptations and means of protection that can be fatal in just the tiniest amounts.  Perhaps how nature balances out the differences between predator and prey.  I can accept this, I get this.

Tiny, brilliant coloured frogs that can kill with just a wee bit of poison from their skin?  Sure why not.  I get this.  What I do get is how humans figured this out.  I mean did s group of humans decide to consume said frog and join putting it in their mouths they died?  How did these humans figure out to just touch the tips of their spears and arrows to the skin of the frog to make the hunting weapons more lethal?  And how did they decide it was okay to then consume the meat from the animal they killed using their poisoned arrows?  I mean is it hunger that drives them to this point?  How did we reach out and obtain this knowledge?

Are you upon for licking a frog?  No?  I can understand that, I mean we just talked about killer frogs.  So can you lick a toad then?  A Cane toad to be exact?  Apparently you get a decent buzz from it, if you can get past the whole picking up a large goad and licking it.

Hey someone discovered you can get a buzz from this, visions even.  Again I ask how did we gain the knowledge.  You see I understand nature will provide some balance and skills to level things out.  What I don’t understand is human nature.  I mean who goes around licking toads and discovers which toads are a little different?

And it’s not just with these animals either.  Poisonous fish have become a delicacy as other example.  So how on earth did we get here?  How is it that human nature has brought us to this point?  Anyone?


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