Plants, Weakest Link, Oh My

I’ve come to the conclusion that I may  be the weakest link.  At least when it comes to the survival of the outside plants.  I planted some flowers, the neighbors plant some more so the outside of the house would have splashes of color here and there.  And it did.

I got this rather crazy idea in my head that nature takes care of itself.  Plants need water, and rain falls.  Plant needs light and the sun shines and when they need to breed, well there are bees.  So since the plants are outside I decided to let nature take care of them.

Nature evidently had different ideas.  It didn’t rain and my neighbors were away.  Apparently nature was plotting against my brilliant plan.  And friends I must confess nature was wining!

At the last-minute I clued in and watered the wilting plants.  I figured since they were wilting and losing some of their brilliant colors maybe some intervention would be required.  Hence me with the watering can.  And of course several hours later, it rained!

No plants were permanently harmed during this lesson although apparently they were exceedingly stressed.  Although I’m sure that the plants would disagree.  If they could have, I’m sure they would have voted me the weakest link in their ability to survive!


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