Is It Liberating Or Theft?

A coworker was talking about a theft that happened recently.  He didn’t know the exact time of the theft, but he knew it within a ten-hour period.  You see he has a wrap gnomes and elves in his garden.  The ceramic kind as far as I know.  He and his partner have named these garden buddies and frequently adjust them as they water their plants.

It was while he was out watering that he noticed Mitchel was missing.  He asked his partner who said that Mitchel should be exactly where he always is, but he wasn’t.  Mitchel was missing with no trace of footsteps or anything.  How could this be?

Now there was a point where this was all the rage with young people thinking it is funny or cute to take garden nomes and give them a whole other life.  But the reality is, it’s not cute, or funny.  It’s just stupidity really.  And in my coworker’s situation not harmless either.  Mitchel was the last gnome his mom painted before she died.  So there is a lot of sentimental value lost too.

Now some people will say that if you have something of value you shouldn’t have it outside where just anyone can take it.  And I guess that’s why some people think anything that’s outside the home is fair game.  But isn’t the yard still part of a person’s sanctuary and home?  And why do people think it’s okay to just take other people’s belongings, regardless of the value?

Beloved has come to the point that because of other people there is no sense in having anything nice.  There is no sense in trying to make your space enjoyable and pretty because those other people will come and ruin it all.  Try as I might, I can’t change his way of thinking.  And with more of this behavior becoming rampant again, how can we expect anything different from than this?

Some people may say this isn’t fair, to brush everyone with the same coating.  Some will say it’s just a few rotten eggs that are ruining it if we let them.  And some people will say Mitchel was liberated from a life of being stuck in the garden.  Who’s right?  And why can’t we keep our hands off of other people’s things?


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