Wizards, Monkeys and Work

I was never a fan of The Wizard of Oz.  I was first introduced to this story via an old movie that didn’t really impress me much.  What I remember from that experience is the colors were off, the costumes horrible and the whole movie just silly.

Oh there have been times I’ve wished for the ruby-red slippers!  How I’ve wanted to slip them on my feet, click my heels three times and utter those famous words.  Although I also wondered if I could utter other words, so as no place like the beach and with a poof! find myself on the beach.

Land Toto could always have a home with me!  Heck we could go on adventures of our own.  But not ones that included dish water because I confess it makes me melt too, just like the wicked witch.  (Hmm any resemblance is just a minor coincidence!). Oh and no flying monkeys!

Now some of you might be thinking flying monkeys are just the thing.  So let me remind you about monkeys,  they are smart, manipulative and can be mean.  They also seem to have a poop fixation.  As in throwing it.  Now imagine that flying over your head.  I can’t even fathom, I mean a bird pooping on you in a flyby is horrible enough, but monkeys?  No siree!

And let’s face it, the tornado in that movie wasn’t all that bad.  I mean no lives were lost, no cattle learned how to fly. Houses remained in tact.  Too bad we don’t have those types of storms.

But what that movie taught me, the one thing at has stuck with me besides bad images is how many times what we think is behind the curtain  turns out to be something totally different.

sometimes the act of peering behind the curtain gives us power, let’s us see the whole picture and allows us to plan accordingly.  Other times we steal a bit of the magic and turn something back into ordinary every day stuff.

When it comes to people, especially people in authority positions I think it’s important to peer behind the curtain because so often they fail to be their true selves. Very few bosses in my work experience have been an authentic person.  Oh sure they are people, I will grant you that.  But somehow a title seems to go to their heads and suddenly they have big, booming voices and command al sorts of things that don’t make sense from where I’m standing.  That’s when I want to peer behind the curtain and see what I’m really dealing with.

Sure sometimes it is a case of power going to someone’s head.  Other times it is a case of insecurity manifesting as a dictator.  Or perhaps to hide their fear some people become cold, commanding and distant. The thing is, if you can manage to peek through the crack you can see who or what you are really dealing with and plan accordingly.

These days it seems there are a lot of wizards mascarading as management in corporations.  And some of these wizards have decided the best way to manage people is through fear and bullying, which is sad.  Because I bet, bead in that curtain is an interesting person, if only s/he’d let people in and being authentic and engaging.  Imagine then what type of work environment we’d have?!  Some companies are there, others are just starting and still others are just talking about it.  But I bet, if you think back, you’ve known a few wizards and maybe they e ordered a monkey or two to flyby and drop some pop on your head.


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