Lurking In The Green

Feeling cocky and full of bravado with the success of the orchid’s survival in the house, I boldly went out and purchased a few more house plants.  Who doesn’t need lucky bamboo?  Besides with a name like that surely it’s a sign to be bought and brought home! 😉. And a spider plant because well they are cute even if the word spider happens to be there.

So far they seem to be thriving in the house.  And by thriving I mean they haven’t wilted, died or started to go a funny brown color. If I’m successful with these, heck maybe I can grow my watermelon farm because how hard can it be?  😉

The reality is, although things seem to be going fine right now, these green plants scare me in a way no horror movie ever could.  I mean they are supposed to be good for the air quality in the house.  That’s a plus right?  Nothing scary right? But what if hey are plotting against me?

What if these plants are lulling me into a false sense of security and comfort?  What if they are going to stay green just until there is enough of hem to launch the attack?  No not Little Shop of Horrors attack either as thankfully they aren’t that type of plant.  Instead what if they decide not to give oxygen but instead steal it and do some funky off-gassing while they die?  What if there whole plan is to slowly poison me to death while looking like innocent green plants?

ok I know what you are thinking, she’s lost her mind.  Too much rain got into her brain and soaked it.  Or it melted in the heat.  Or her cheese has simply slipped off her cracker. Now all of these are possible so I’m not ruling them out, but think about this.  Think about how many plants cover this entire earth.  Think about what humans have done to the plants, their environments and such.  Now consider that there are some schools of thought that say the plants can communicate with each other.  Yeah, see what I mean? We’ve upset the plants.  They have disguised themselves into innocent, cute green things.  They are waiting for their moment of payback for all we’ve done in terms of harming them.  Then again maybe I’m just losing it! 😊


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