Relationship With Fear

I listened to a man explain that when we give into fear we give power to that which we fear.  In other words if we can let go of that fear, the thug we are so scared of stops being scary and we can examine it closely for what it truly is.

He made it sound so simple, as though you simply tell yourself that you aren’t afraid of the subject, and after a small cloud of smoke or a wave of a wand or whatever magic it is, fear disappears.

the same man also said if we let go of our attachments and simply enjoy the moment in the present we not only lose fear, we also live a more full life. Again he made it sound like there was something mystical and magical about what he was saying.  Even though these aren’t really new ideas, or all that simple to enact.

I suppose there is something to letting go of hopes and dreams of the future in exchange for the full experience of now.  I also know this isn’t exactly the world’s easiest thing to do.

I wondered about these messages that were being given at this session.  First off the message that fear makes us somehow powerless seems wrong.  Fear is what keeps us alive in some situations.  Fear can keep us out of risky situations, save us from death or serious harm.

Fear, in some cases can be rather exhilarating, it’s just a case of how we take it in.  Some people enjoy the excitement and energy fear  can bring.  Some people love the jolt of emotions and adrenaline rush that can come when we are scared.  So is fear really such a bad thing?

Another thing that bothers me with these messages is that if we are holding on and attaching our selves to things we are some how denying ourselves a full life experience.  I can’t imagine how not forming attachments and bonds to people and animals makes life a more rich and full experience.  Living in the moment is fine and good,but getting to really know or love someone doesn’t happen exactly in that blink of an eye.

I suppose everything in moderation, including the idea of moderation itself makes more sense to me.  But then I love a good scare!


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