Appointments, Doctors and Vets

I’m pretty sure the dog hates the vet as much as I hate going to all my medical appointments. But go we must, so go we did.  We don’t mention the word v-e-t in our house for the dog knows what it means.  The dog has also learned that those letters spell the word so we’ve stopped spelling it as well.  Now it’s just another doctor visit, only this kind specializes  in those with fur, four feet, scales or wings.

on our last trip to said doctor I go to thinking how nice this doctor is.  She is kind and gentle, always gives a belly rub before doing anything else.  Knows exactly where to rub behind the ears or just above the tail.  Basically she’s the kind of doctor I want for myself.

You see my specialists tend to be more, well, clinical and cold in a science-y kind of way. Not that I want them to give me a belly rub, or massage behind my ears or just above my tail.  Mostly because I don’t have a tail, not a huge fan of the whole touching of me anyway. An odd massage here or there at maximum is it.  But now and then, when once more we seem two to three steps behind lupus, I want that comfort if just for a moment.

its my own fault I don’t get that though.  You see long ago in this battle I decided I’d go it alone, just the facts and not worrying about much else.  What I didn’t know the is that there’d be some pretty deep valleys with steep hills to climb out of.  I didn’t realize how bad things could get or the kinds of decisions I’d have to make along the way.  So sometimes I want a little of that kindness before we go right back to being all clinical and warrior like!

On the plus side I never have to get up in a cold, slippery, metal table when I see my doctors.  And I always know what’s going on because we make the decisions together for the most part.  The same can’t be said for the poor dog who has to rely on us to know what’s right.  Granted with lupus you sometimes don’t know what decision to make either.

And the dog’s doctor office always has a smell to it. You can smell it before you open the doo, it’s clean and pet-ish all at the same time.  My doctors offices only smell of clean, mild disinfectant.  So I don’t shake when the door is opened.  I don’t panic or bolt either, thankfully not.  Of course I’m also not stuck on a leash with a human boat anchor in the event I needed to make a break for it.  And I chose if I’m going or not, where as we decide for the dog.  Because if we didn’t the dog would never go.  All in all I guess things sort of balance out.  At least that’s the story I’m sticking to!  😉


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