For Art’s Sake

Art speaks to some people.  Art captures our attention, dazzles our eyes and stirs emotions.  I’ve heard al these things about Art.  What I had never heard about Art before is that Art can be sticky.  Art can get under your feet, tangled in your hair and leave a mess in your house.

Well of course I’m talking about the wild, creative, a hundred-miles-an-hour-with-your-hair-on-fire, immature form of Art.  I’m sure that as Art matures, tastes are defined and such.  Sticky hand prints surely cease from bring the everyday routine! 😉

Art, as I currently know him, is a whopping whole three fingers old.  He loves all manner of bright colors, naps, sticky food and his bunny.  He adores finger painting, crayons, markers and organic material such as mud and dirt!

As Art matures, as his tastes change he may move away from some of the mediums he currently uses to express himself.  To be honest I’m hoping he gets past the mud and dirt phase soon!

Art as a child works perfectly with art as the communication, medium, expression or what have you.  So a little Art in my life is a good thing, although I must confess I  grateful to not live with Art permanently.  I mean I enjoy Art, but I’m not ready for a greater commitment.


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