Ripples and Effects

I decided to take a walk, ok a very slow stroll, down by the water.  There is something restorative about begin out near the water.  Besides who can resist the adorable waddle of the little ducks? 😉 Certainly neither the dog nor I!

So we walked along the water, now and then stopping to observe a duck or perhaps a swan.  We stopped to sniff, watch a squirrel and gain energy.  We needed energy because  there was a squirrel and squirrels must be chased.  Even if you happen to be attached to a leash.  And attached to the other end of the leash is a boat anchor, also known as a human.  And the boat anchor does a great job of being, well, an anchor.

While we were trying to terrorize the poor squirrel we encountered a mother with a little girl and a puppy.  The puppy wasn’t interested in the squirrel or us, just a specific  patch of grass.  The little girl, sensing mother was distracted, saw the puddle.  A nice, big, deep puddle.  The kind that demands you splash thru the center of it, regardless of your foot wear, or your mother.  So the little girl did just that as her mother managed to gasp out that the child wasn’t wearing boots and would ruin her shoes.

A huge smile spread across the child’s face as she repeated the fact she had no boots.  She didn’t care, she was in the middle of the puddle without a care in the world. Her mother wasn’t exactly thrilled with any of this.  Her mother was probably thinking of ruined shoes, wet socks and who knows what else.

What they remember of this day when they looked back?  Would it be ruined shoes, the emotions or would the mother decide to stop gasping and realize that puddles, like small children, don’t last forever.  Puddles dry up and children grow up and move beyond puddles.





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