All That Shines

When I was young, one of the elderly neighbor ladies nicknamed me Magpie.  She made this declaration before I was six months old.  She assured my mother I was attracted to shiny objects.  Which apparently proved itself to be true as I grew a little older.

Shiny foil paper?  I need that!  Shiny pennies?  Yes please!  Ooh sparkly diamonds and metal from the treasure chest for being good at my appointment?  Get out-of-the-way and lemme in there!

Still to this day certain shiny objects catch my attention.  But a voice also echoes in my head.  The voice of a former coworker reminding me that a knickknacks was just one more thing to dust.  Because let’s be honest here, if you don’t dust it stops shining.  I know, scary but true! 😊

So what’s a girl to do?  Well she can give in and dust, or get someone else to do the dusting.  Or she can decide to just wear shiny objects instead.  The problem here is I can only wear so many necklaces on my neck.  I’ve only do many digits to slide rings onto and too many bracelets is never a good thing!  So then limits must be put in place for this style of shiny objects.

a girl could get a new house, appliances, vehicle or mirror to help bring more shiny objects into her life.  Or she can settle for the idea that not everything shiny must be possessed by her.  I know, not nearly as much fun! Just kidding, but seriously who has ever been accused of hording jewelry?  Exactly it’s just a collection!

So this magpie limits ownership on shiny objects for practical and economic reasons.  She still admires them, but realizes that possession doesn’t make them shine any better. Frankly some of the best, shiny objects I’ve seen cannot be possessed indefinitely.  Dew shining in the early morning sunlight, for example, evaporates.  And that fleeting sense of it seems to make it all that more special and shine a little brighter.

i wonder if the birds find the shiny objects not in their possession to be more appealing than the ones they already own.  I also wonder what they to with all the shining material they find and claim.  And I wonder what it would be like to fly in the shining sky on shimmering feathers.  But for now I shall be a human magpie, content with admiring the shine from here, on the ground.


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