A Side Effect Of Life

Stress and tension always seem to settle deep in my upper back and neck.  Now and then it requires some assistance to be set out and on its way.

Some times this assistance comes in the form of stretching.  Other times heat seems to be the answer.  Now and then an ointment or pill may solve the issue.  Rarely, strong hands that massage, stretch, tease and pull the stress out are required.

After a session of having hands wring and knead the stress out of my upper back I can feel as if all my bones have dissolved into jelly of   some sort.

When this happens, this magical transformation to jelly, it seems as though a part of me is suddenly missing. It’s a strange sensation, to have a part of you missing by your own choice free you’ve carried it around for a while.

I’ve been told that stress is a natural side effect of living.  It’s just a matter of how we manage it.  Now and then stress seems to manage us a little better than we manage it.  It’s really a question of who gets the upper hand, so to speak.  If stress gets the upper hand sometimes you need to a strong hand to remove it!


4 thoughts on “A Side Effect Of Life

  1. Sometimes I’d like to strangle stress with my strong hands. 🙂

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