Of Bubblegum, Tea and Such

Someone offered me a watermelon tea the other day.  A refreshing watermelon tea, iced they said.  Hey, I like watermelon!  I could live off the stuff, sort of.

So try the watermelon iced tea did I do.  And try to keep a nice straight face, did I.  I suspect I failed at that rather miserably.  Can’t be helped.

To me, the watermelon tea, iced or otherwise, tasted like my childhood.  Watermelon flavoured chewing gum.  Sticky, sweet watermelon flavoured chewing gum.  Who wants to drink that?  Not me!

I appreciated the thought and it is the thought that counts.  Unless you are dying of thirst.  If you are dying of thirst, no amount of thought will help.  You need to drink.

I wasn’t dying of thirst at the time I was given the tea.  And like a dutifully good person I drank it, said it was different and made a mental note to not have it again.

I suppose I could have left he tea, but that seems rude some how.  Wrong.  Instead I drank it out of politeness, and wondered who on earth would think bubblegum flavoured tea would be a brilliant idea.  Then I realized it may very well be lots of people like it.  Why else would they make it?  And then I realized if I was dying of thirst, bubblegum flavoured tea might do just the trick.

Still I will stick to eating watermelon and just basically juicing it as is.  Some things are best left natural.


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