Coping or Hiding

I have a confession to make…somewhere along the line I’ve become so used to seeing the images of terrorist attacks, of violence towards humans by other humans that the horror no longer registers.

I have to stop and remind myself the images I see, the bodies wrapped up or the blood spreading on the ground came from a once living human being.  A human who loved and was loved, lived, cried, laughed, had hopes and dreams as well as downturns.  In other words, but for a few circumstances, I could be in that place.

Sometimes I wonder if we do more harm by showing and viewing these images.  If too much just makes people turn away.  But those images cry out for justice, cry out to be heard because the victims can no longer speak.  Where is the balance in this?  Am I the only person who feels this way?  How do you cope?


2 thoughts on “Coping or Hiding

  1. So true. Sometimes I blank it, I think sometimes this our mind’s way of coping, other times it just hits me and I feel more. x

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