That Magical Place

You ever gave me of those days where you don’t really want to wake up, but you don’t really need to go back to sleep?  You know that state between wakefulness and sleep?  That blissful place that seems to slip out of our grasp?  Well that was the type of day I started off with.  No desire to become fully awake.

From there it’s all Downhill because if you are like me you have to get up and go to work.  And getting up can seem to take every ounce everything you have.  Then you have to drag yourself to work, now hopefully fully awake and just get on with it.

and if you are at all like me, the rest of day your are wide awake, yearning to get back to that lively place.  And then you go home, start to unwind and discover that you are unable to fall asleep.

So if you have any suggestions how to get back to the mythical, wonderful magic pace, please share!


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