Trying Out The Foodie Gig

The dog decided to expand his horizons, explore new territory, and become somewhat of a foodie.  These are not the things of a timid being.  Oh no, they require getting out there, trying all sorts of things, even if you don’t think you will like it.  It means getting out of your comfort zone.  It means setting aside judgments and going out on a limb.

Or if you happen to be the dog, it means finding a new patch of grass to hang out in. It means venturing to lands unknown to you, well except when you have to mark territory or answer the call of nature.  It means seeing what insects are in the area and finding a nice crunchy beetle to sample.

And if you are a foodie of a certain temperament you will take said crunchy beetle that you’ve crushed with your teeth and while it’s still wiggling in your mouth deposit the damaged insect at the very feet of your female owner.  It’s best if you do this while she is busy reading and you spit the beetle onto her foot, for added effect.

This is better than writing a scathing review about the poor quality of the food or it dreadful taste in your mouth.  And the added benefit is that she will express what you are thinking.  She will use her words!

So yes friends, if you want to be a foodie and get your words out, just eat a beetle.  Make sure it’s fresh, tastes dreadful and still wiggling for the full effect! 😊

In other news, I will be scrubbing my foot until the skin’s just about off. 😐


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