Screaming Summer

To mem nothing screams summer like watermelon.  Sweet, juicy and refreshing.  I love the wavy lines on the skin, the red blushing insides dotted with those dark seeds.  But most of all I love the taste.

I eat it cold, just as is.  I juice it, I use it in salads and ices.  I’ve even had it grilled and as a soup.  I’m pretty sure watermelon is the most versatile, or one of the most versatile, things of summer.

If I could grow green things, beyond the orchid that is still surviving despite being with me and the African violets that bloom to prove a pint, I’d suggest to Beloved that we have a watermelon farm.

Of course the problem there is that anything that survived would probably be consumed by yours truly.  I know what you are thinking, what about Beloved?  Here’s the interesting thing, Beloved may in fact not be human.  The man doesn’t like watermelon.  Not even a little.  I know!  Shocking!😐

This may be why I haven’t really floated the idea past Beloved. 😉  That plus if we did, watermelon might no longer scream summer!



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