Stirring the Cauldron

Double trouble toil and bubble!   Stir the cauldron well.  Drop in this, splash in that.  And try to ignore the smell!

It was spell day, err, cooking I mean.  And the smell coming from my cauldron, umm saucepan I mean, was pleasing.  How could it not be?  I had cinnamon, vanilla and sugar with some pieces of ginger simmering away.

Thankfully I wasn’t responsible for getting the eye of newt (I’m rather fond of them, as pets mind you).   And as for the portion from the frog or hair of dog, just no absolutely not.  I like both, as pets….

Okay so there are lots of animals I’d like as pets, including baby cows, and fuzzy donkeys.  So none of those went in my cauldron!

Does this mean I don’t eat meat?  Nope.  I eat meat.  I just don’t want it in my cauldron, however on my grill is acceptable.  I never said I wasn’t a hypocrite! 😊

Cooking to me is a chore, but turn it into spell casting and suddenly everyone is in my kitchen wanting to help.  Well okay not everyone because my kitchen is not that big, but others join me at any rate.  And for those who can’t physically join me in the kitchen, there are spells, I mean recipes to share.  Which is the best part!  Because when you share recipes you are casting a spell of sorts.  A spell of friendship, communion, sharing and kindred spirits.  Plus it’s a way of being together when you can’t physically all be in one spot at the same time.  So yes I enjoy people at my cauldron as we share stories, stirring and each other!



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