Pincushions, Voodoo and Why Not Me

Beloved decided that massage wasn’t doing the job for him.  When he’s  stressed, working long hours and such, he ends up with tension headaches and stiffness in his upper back and neck.  Normally he gets massages to help with this, but sometimes it doesn’t do enough.

He decided to try accupuncture in the advice of a few trusted friends.  This isn’t something he would normally try on his own.  But perhaps out of desperation, or maybe something else we can’t name, he gave in and signed up for a session.

Basically he was going to pay someone to to stab him with stickpins in  the hopes it would stop the stiffness and pain.  Heck I’ve offered a thousand times if I’ve offered once to use him as a pincushion.  Strictly for educational purposes and having to do with Voodoo.

For some odd reason he sees no problem paying a stranger to do what I would gladly do at not charge.  Yeah I don’t fully understand it either! 😐

So off he went, answered all sorts of questions and got down to the nitty gritty if having little stickpins placed in his body.  He came home not looking like I’d expect a human pincushion to look like.  He also came back and said it seemed to have helped with some of the stiffness and pain.

He seems rather taken with this.  It appears to have done what he wanted it to do, but I can’t help and wonder why he doesn’t let me do this for him.  Perhaps it’s my apparent glee at offering to help.  Perhaps it has to do with the voodoo books I’ve been studying…strictly for academic purposes of course.  Perhaps if I called it accupuncture instead of turning him into a human pincushion he will get onboard with this.  What are your thoughts?  Heck I’m willing to hook the needles up to small batteries for a little added energy!

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