Endlessly Full Of Sunshine, Possibilities and Memories

When I was young I yearned for those long, dog days of summer.  Nothing compared to having a whole day stretch out endlessly before you, full of all types of possibilities.  Not that I thought exactly in those terms back then, but you get the picture.

Now that I’m older, perhaps because I do this weird thing called working for a living, summer days don’t seem to stretch out endlessly before me.  And most of the times I can’t say that my days are filled with endless possibilities.  Again that might have to do with that weird thing called work.😉

I miss those carefree, lazy days.  Actually I miss the way everything stretches on full of mischief, adventure, and possibilities.  Of course I’m sure there were days I was bored, and I know just because I dont have the same spare time doesn’t mean I won’t get bored again.  And I am also certain that I would get tired of constantly having those endless days and nothing else.

Perhaps it’s a case of the grass looking greener, on the other side.  Or maybe it’s a case of the sunshine seeming brighter when you look back at those summer days of your youth. Or perhaps it’s really just a case of wanting what I don’t have.  But I think I could use a few of those days right about now!

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