Now and then people ask why anyone would study things like philosophy and comparative religion since it rarely leads to a career.  These are the times I want to discuss the difference between a well-rounded education for knowledge and a vocational education.

Vocational schools historically were the place you went to if you wanted an education that would then lead to a job.  Before those schools there was this idea of apprenticeship for all sorts of professsions.  University tended to be reserved for the wealthy and elite.  It wasn’t around getting a job or a career, rather it was about being a well rounded person.

Time shifted things and university became open to more people, well rounded was for all.  But the ground is constantly shifting and shaking meaning that as the economy swings the type of education being desired swings too.

I do believe, however, there is always a place to learn about things like philosophy, various religions, history and literature.  Sure you may not get a glamour a job from these, but education goes beyond a job.  Now some of you are probably thinking this comes from a place of having made it through and I will concede there is a bit of that.  But even if I never worked in my chosen field of study I’d still value the education I received.  

Maybe my ideals do  come from a place of privilege, after all there is a luxury in being able to learn and study solely for the knowledge and not having to ensure you manage to almost be guaranteed a job when you are finished.

What you make your education is up to you, as is what you deem to be an education.  Not everything should take place in a classroom or require grades.  


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