Heat, Humidity and Us

A bathtub filled with ice cubes and water sat waiting for just the right moment.  Towels had been placed at the ready, a book just needing opening.  Everything was waiting, waiting for Beloved to come in and cool off.  We had gone for a gentle in the woods before the day got too hot.  But apparently too hot had happened already.  Or was it a combination of heat and humidity?

So everything was set and waiting, like the guests at a wedding.  Soon the bride, aka Beloved, would make a grand entrance.  The real question was if he’d make it in before the ice melted and the tub overfilled.  😉

Beloved is used to humidity.  He is not used to the intoxicating mixture of humidity and heavy heat.  I love this mixture, it skips around me and over me like an old familiar friend.  To Beloved it is a hot, heavy blanket that makes everything almost impossibly hard to do.

His solution is to keep odd hours.  He wants to do things early in the morning, dawn becoming our new companion.  He has ice-cold baths, claiming that if he doesn’t he will become a massive puddle of humanity instead of remaining a man. 😐

Honestly it doesn’t get that hot.  Besides how much humanity does he think he gets to become? 😉  Still I did fill the tub with ice and water, set out the towels and got his book.  We al feel heat and such differently so who am I to judge?

He climbed he stairs, stumbled through the door and made his way to the tub.  I suspect that even in the darkest of nights he would be visible.  He could be in a contest against boiled lobsters and possibly win for having the brightest, reddest body.

If he asked me once, he asked me for the millionth time how on earth could anyone live here.  He wanted to know what sort of desperation made  people settle down into an area clearly not meant for humans.

Since I had no way of answering what to me seemed like silly questions, I asked him what sort of insanity made a man think sitting in a tub filled with ice cubes and cold water was seeing the land?  He didn’t answer.  He couldn’t.  The cold water stole his breath for a moment and then my voice amid the clatter of all those ice cubes against the tub as he sat down.

in al fairness I do things in his home land that drives him up a wall.  It all comes down to what you have grown accustomed to, what you know and what you are willing to adapt to.  Funny how you put up with all sorts of things you never thought you would when a loved one enjoys something different from yourself!


2 thoughts on “Heat, Humidity and Us

  1. I can sympathise, I really don’t do heat these days, I love the sun but a nice cool breeze along with it is preferable. At least we don’t get too hot for long here in England 🙂 You live somewhere extremely hot I presume! x

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