You Sleep Where?

Young children, it seems, can sleep anywhere and through just about anything.  I’ve seen them sleeping during fireworks going off.  I witnessed a few fall asleep while eating.  And some have dropped into the depths of slumber in the midst of play.

I have been told that old men can do the same thing if given the chance.  I doubt old men fall sleep in the midst of eating or while busy playing.  Maybe they do.  If I’m lucky Belived will provide me with the answers! 😉

But somewhere along the lines some of us develop this weird thing.  This odd habit that prevents some of us from sleeping any where, any time, no matter how tired we are.

What happens?  What turns us from having a very natural thing, sleep, become a very private affair?  Why do some of us startle at a slight sound or the shifting light?  Why is it, no matter how loud and desperate our body gets for sleep we simply cannot achieve this if we are in a public place or away from bed?

Now lease don’t think I want to fall asleep  in my oatmeal, or when I’m driving or working.  But just once I’d like to have the luxury of knowing that if I needed to, I could sleep on a plane, or in a chair in the middle of the day.


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