Two Sides Of A Coin

Today I saw two very different sides of humanity.  One side made me smile and be filled with hope, the other disgusted me and made me speak out.

Some friends and I decided to go for brunch in an older section of town, which means it’s has very steep curbs.  Not the most friendly thing for anyone with any type of mobility issues.  A man in a wheelchair was crossing the street and would soon be confronted with one of these steep curbs.  No where had a ramp or anything been created to allow him up onto the sidewalk and judging from the curb height, he wasn’t going to be able to get his wheelchair up there on his own.

Cue humanity that makes me smile, and yes bring a tear to my eye at the same time.  A group of teenage males decided to be the ramp for the man.  The group of him surrounded the wheelchair and lifted the man up out of harms way.  No one asked them to do this, they simply saw where they could be of service and so they stepped in and did what needed doing.

Fast forward just a bit to where we were eating brunch.  One of my friends is blind and another wears hearing aids.  We try to ask for tables away from the crowded areas to allow for everyone to hear and for everyone in a group to feel safe.  Today was no exception.  We got a nice table, the menus were brought and as is our custom, those of us who are sighted, take turns reading to our friend who can’t see the menu.  Because very few places do menus for the blind unfortunately.

Another party was seated somewhat close to us and as hey got to talking it got louder and louder.  Loud enough that my friend had to remover her hearing aids, thus effectively removing her from our conversation.  Our actress was a lovely young lady who asked the other party to keep it down as there had been several complaints about how loud they were, at which point someone from the party started swearing at the waitress.

Theloud party decided to say disparaging remarks about homosexuals because apparently this is a funny thing to do.  At which point I could sit there no longer so I asked them for their loud entertainment, so great  was it that everyone at m table had ceased speaking.  I also informed them that disparaging, ignorant remarked and crude language are inappropriate in public settings.

A member of their party said that since I was with a couple of dumb people, surely we shouldn’t complain.  We were ignorant for their party had let us have the table we had.

a few other people in the restaurant also decided to confront this noise party, as I explained that the word dumb simply means a person is unable to speak.  There are reasons for disabilities, but ignorance isn’t a disability…it’s a choice one makes, mostly out of fear or laziness.

Two middle-aged men came to stand where I was, they had their arms around each other and said they’d love to sit down with this rude, obnoxious group and educate gem about how to behave in public and answer any questions the group might have about homosexuality.

at this point the manager threw the loud group out of the restaurant, and apologized  to everyone else and tried to make things better.  The thing is, he couldn’t, nor should he have to make up for ignorant, childish people.  I wonder if more people stood up what the loud party would have done.

I hope in my life I encounter far more people like those young men and far fewer people like the loud table.  By the way does anyone know why they don’t make menus in Braille?

2 thoughts on “Two Sides Of A Coin

  1. I should think it ought to be easy these days to hae a braille menu, I think often people just don’t think. You certainly saw too different sides of humanity, thoughtlessness versus thoughtfullness.

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